Ride Schedule

Our rides are announced in the Members Area on the Ride page, and are posted to GCCMail, an email listserv, at 3 pm each afternoon. To be on the listserv, you must be a GCC member. The next ride for each group is also posted on their detail web page.

Standard Start Time

The standard start time is not widely observed, but this is how it works for those groups that use it. From October through April, most rides meet at 9 am; from May through September most rides meet at 8 am. The time changes occur on the first full weekend of May and October. The change from daylight to standard time does not affect the clock time of the ride starts. Start times are adjusted sometimes based on weather conditions and special events.

Fall Rotation Schedule

When the Gators are playing in Gainesville, we recommend rides go to the North to avoid the heavy traffic coming into town on the roads we use to the South.


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