Road Debris Reporting

City of Gainesville

Call the Operations Division of the Public Works Department at 334-2161*. Staff will address a hazardous situation as quickly as possible; nuisance or litter issues may be referred to the correct agency for scheduling.

Note: when reporting debris, use your best judgment. If the debris is harmful to bicyclists, it is likely worth calling in. Also consider, if you have the time and will not be endangering your safety by doing so, you may be able to stop and move the debris out of the path.

When you call, make sure you have a good address and clearly state the severity of the problem--that is, provide a detailed explanation of the debris. What? E.g., glass, paper, cans, material spills, construction work junk, etc. How much? E.g., a lot, "An approximately 200 foot strip along the side of the road is filled with..," etc.

*334-2161 is a 24 hour service line. There is someone answering the phone M-F, 8 a.m. 5 p.m.; at any other time a message machine will record (after many rings) your report and someone will address the situation as soon as possible.

Old info, please email if you find it out of date.

Alachua County

On a County maintained road or right-of-way call Public Works for issues such as: potholes, stop signs down, dead animals on the road, tree limbs or brush down, road side drop off issues, drainage issues and clogged culverts, and sight distance problems.

To report these issues, contact Deb at the Public Works Department, (352)374-5245, from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays. All other times call the Sheriff's Office non-emergency number at 352-955-1818. The operator will relay the message to the Public Works on-call staff. In the event of an emergency or life threating situation please call 911.

Info from County release, June 2013, updated Nov 2016


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