Advertising with the Gainesville Cycling Club

We have several programs businesses can participate in to sponsor the GCC.

You can be a business sponsor and offer a discount to our members, be an advertiser on our web site, and/or place a sponsorship on our official jersey.

The Club accepts advertising which will be placed on the front page of the web site, in other areas within the web site, and in club eNews transmissions. Due to the limited space available, we reserve the right to select advertisments that will appear. Top priority will be given to local bicycle stores and to Club members.

The cost is $5 per month.

Ads are 200 pixels wide by 115 pixels high (the proportions of a business card). Resolution should be 96 dpi (72 dpi may look fuzzy on some devices). The format should be png, jpg, or gif. Any other format will need to be modified before posting.

To place an ad or to become a Business Sponsor, sign up as a Business Supporter of the Club. We will give you an account that you can use to upload your ads and make your payments. Email the Advertising Manager to set up your account.

We will let Business Supporters know when we do a jersey so they can consider signing up as a jersey sponsor.


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