The Gliders Mindset

"The Gliders are a group that strives to maintain high training speeds over moderate distances and maintain the integrity of the group." This phrase leads out most Gliders ride announcment. What does it mean?

To "maintain the integrity of the group" requires the active cooperation of every rider in the group. Each rider must know what is going on around them and must communicate to other riders when something happens that requires the group to react. For example, when a rider has a flat or other mechanical problem, the entire group needs to know quickly and to react by slowing or stopping until the affected rider can get under way again. When a fast uphill pace splits the group, those in front need to slow (or even stop) at the top of the hill to regroup. Your mindset when you are on a Gliders ride needs to be "group integrity" as opposed to "get the maximum workout possible."

If you find that you need to ride at speeds that frequently exceed 21 mph, you should try riding with the A Riders. Riding as fast as you can is encouraged and expected in that group, especially after the rest stop.


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