Cycling Tips by Coach K©

Herb Kieklak (Coach K) is a GCC Member, Business Sponsor, and fitness coach. For more info, visit his web site.

Hi fellow cyclists. We have made a collection of videos that we hope will help you improve your riding and prevent injury. We have assembled them by topics - posture, knee wobble, rocking, and hill climbing. They all have a demonstration of the correct and incorrect method of performing each skill.

  1. Posture - demonstration of both good and bad posture and how it effects your riding and comfort level.
  2. Knee wobble - demonstration of both good and bad pedaling. This one can lead to knee injury if the incorrect pattern is used long term.
  3. Rocking - demonstration of proper technique and problems created by bad technique.

Good Posture

Bad Posture

Good Knee Technique

Bad Knee Technique

No Rocking



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