Service Groups

The Gainesville Cycling Club has service groups with designated Group Captains. These are non-riding groups that provide a service to the cycling community.

Service Group Members who are regular participants and who are designated as Crew Leaders or Crew Members by the Group Captain have their dues waived at renewal time.

Group membership is open to all Gainesville Cycling Club members. To join, sign in to the Members Area, go to the Me page, and click on "Join A Group".

Bikes 4 Vets |GCC Adopt-a-Road Group |Millhopper Crew |Trailkeepers |

Bikes 4 Vets

Group Captain: Diann Dimitri

As many of you know, I have been working with vets who lack transportation. With the help of many of you I have been able to donate about 500 bikes to this project. In addition I have been able to purchase a bike repair stand, a 12x12 popup tent, some tools, bike parts and safety equipment. At this point in the project, the vets are able to fix and repair almost any bikes that are donated. The ownership by the vets of this project has been immensely satisfying and has lead to talk of expanding this project. Support Bikes For Vets.

GCC Adopt-a-Road Group

Group Captain: Allyson Gill

Members of the GCC Adopt-a-Road Group are committed to spending a few hours every 3 months cleaning up roadside litter along a local road under the oversight of Keep Alachua County Beautiful.

Millhopper Crew Millhopper Crew (small)

Group Captain: Sue Bowers

The mission of the Millhopper Crew is to keep the bike lanes on Millhopper Road free of significant obstacles. To do this, we ride the road, removing stuff from the bike lanes as we go.


Group Captain: Fairlie Bagley

Those of you who ride the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail know that it needs help. Sometimes there are too many leaves and branches on the Trail. In places there are bumps caused by tree roots. Obviously, the Florida Park Service needs help in keeping the Trail clear and clean, and in repairing aging pavement. To this end, a small group of us have banded together as the TRAILKEEPERS, to help the Trail.


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