October 22-23, 2022

Volunteer Page

This is the page where we will keep up with who has volunteered to help at the Festival and what jobs are still available. TO VOLUNTEER email the volunteer coordinators.

IMPORTANT: All volunteers are entitled to a Festival t-shirt of their choice, and many to a free ride entry. More Info. TO GET THESE BENEFITS you must do a Festival registration before the end of preregistration on Wednesday, October 19, at noon. To get a special t-shirt, enter before t-shirt cutoff on October 6.

A note about CHILDREN: We will not be assigning any person under the age of 16 to a volunteer position. All of our positions need to be staffed by fully capable adults. While many children can also do the work, it is work and they will not always be able to complete their entire shift. Children that are capable of self-supervision are welcome to come with parents who are working and hang out and help. Smaller children requiring supervision should not be brought without an accompanying non-volunteer supervisor.

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Director: vacant

Volunteer Coordinator: Colin Hines

Publicity Director: Javier Espinosa

Cash Control Officer: vacant

Master of Ceremonies: Richard Ritari

Massage Coordinator: Glen Morey

Warehouse Manager: Jack Kohn

Santa Fe Photographer: vacant

Horse Farm Photographer: Joe Kaleita

Ride for Recovery Photographer: vacant

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Facility Director: Dean Mimms

Arrange for facilities used during the events, and manage parking.

Boys Club Facility Manager: vacant

Flemington Facility Manager: vacant
Parking support persons:

  • vacant
  • vacant

Air Dancers

Set up air dancers as needed.

Dance Master: Jim Wilson
Helper: vacant

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Gainesville Cycling Festival Course Coordinator: William Anderson

Law Enforcement Liason: Len Cabrera

SAG Drivers

Patrol the course offering water and perhaps minor mechanical help to riders. Transport overextended riders to the next rest stop. We pay each driver $20 gas money.

The Pace Vehicles drive in front of the lead riders.

Santa Fe Century and Millhopper Ramble

Santa Fe Century Course Supervisor: Charles Courtney

  • Thomas R. Kerkhoff
  • Peter Klavuhn
  • Carl Hillman
  • vacant
  • vacant
  • vacant

Pace Vehicle

  • Huan Dinh
  • vacant

Gravel Challenge Ride Leaders

  • Todd Leedy
  • Jayson O'Mahoney

Horse Farm Hundred

Horse Farm Hundred Course Supervisor: Philip Irwin

  • vacant
  • Steve Howell
  • Gary Van Cleef
  • Neil Crandell
  • Diann Dimitri
  • vacant
  • vacant
  • vacant

Pace Vehicle

  • vacant
  • vacant

Gravel Meander Ride Leader

  • Kathy Benton

Course Workers

These persons ensure that the course is marked and safe for the riders. The Signing Crews prepare and place signs on the course at critical places to help the riders stay on the course and find points of interest.

Painting Crew

Painting Chief: Bill Roberts

  • Colin Hines
  • Kathy Benton
  • William Anderson
  • vacant

Signing Crews

Signing Chief: Lambert Vaes
Sign Transition Coordinator: Lambert Vaes

Santa Fe Century

  • Lower Half Crew
  • Bob Newman
  • Suzanne Newman
  • Upper Half Crew
  • Lambert Vaes
  • J. Allen Morgan
  • Retrieval Crew
  • Lambert Vaes
  • Leo Verhaeren

Horse Farm Hundred

  • Upper Loop
  • James Claus
  • vacant
  • Lower Loops
  • Philip Irwin
  • vacant
  • Retrieval Crew
  • Allyson Gill
  • Andrew Gill

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Aid Stops

Gainesville Cycling Festival Aid Director: Melinda Koken

Food Director: Barry Nason
Equipment Manager : vacant
Loadmaster: Larry Lambert
Truck Director: John Menoski
Supply Tub Manager: Kathy Smith
Supply Tub Assistant: Karen Lee Labarge
Garbage and Recycling Manager: vacant

Aid Stops | Santa Fe | Horse Farm

Set Up and Clean Up

A chance to volunteer and still do all of the rides.
We need a few extra hands throughout the week before and after the Festival to stage, move, load, and clean up. Most of this work occurs at Springhill Self Storage 3500 NW 97th Blvd.

Thursday Food Staging (October 20)

  • Barry Nason Food Director
  • Crew 1 - noon-2 pm
  • Krin Cosner
  • Richard Pushaw
  • Crew 2 - 1:30- 3:30
  • Mike Myers
  • Sue Bowers

Friday Evening (October 21) - Truck Loading Crew - 3:15-7 pm

  • Larry Lambert Loadmaster
  • Juliane Struve Millhopper Crew Chief
  • Michael Willett Bland Crew Chief
  • Daniel Dresdner Watermelon Park Crew Chief
  • Dave Quinn Worthington Springs Crew Chief
  • Nemo Omen Hague Crew Chief
  • Drew Robertson
  • Killian Ellsworth
  • Colin Hines

Saturday Afternoon (October 22) - Truck Loading Crew - noon-6:30 pm
Meet at the Northwest Boys & Girls Club

  • Larry Lambert Loadmaster
  • Barry Nason Food Director
  • Kathy Smith Supply Tub Manager
  • Alan Parker First Magnitude Crew Chief
  • Stephen Perz Flemington Crew Chief
  • Jesse Smith Trail Crew Chief
  • Jamie Golden Evinston Crew Chief
  • Drew Robertson
  • Jesse Smith
  • Killian Ellsworth

Sunday Evening (October 23) - Unload and Clean Up Crew - 4 pm

  • Jack Kohn Warehouse Manager
  • Killian Ellsworth
  • Drew Robertson
  • Colin Hines
  • Logan Glanzer

Aid (Rest) Stops

Spend a day in the countryside, with food. Hand food out to riders, mix Gatorade, cook hot dogs, maybe go for ice.

There will be a meeting for Crew Chief's on Tuesday, October 18, at 6:30 pm (if your name below does not have "Crew Chief" after it, you should not attend). Food will be available during the meeting. It will be held at the Koken residence (attendees will receive an email with the address).

Santa Fe Century

Northwest Boys Club (set up 6:30 am, open 6:30 am - 8:30 am)

  • Drew Robertson

Millhopper Road (set up 8:15 am, open 8:45 am - 10 am)

  • Juliane Struve , Crew Chief
  • Julie Baker

Bland (set up 9 am, open 9:30 am - 11:30 am)

  • Michael Willett , Crew Chief
  • Kaeleigh Willett
  • Gaven Willett
  • Danielle Willett
  • Logan Willett

Watermelon Park (Myrtis) (set up 9:30 am, open 10:00 am - 1 pm)

  • Daniel Dresdner , Crew Chief
  • Carol Glavin
  • Chris Ann MacGregor
  • Pat Payne
  • vacant

Worthington Springs (set up at 10 am, open 10:30 am - 3:30 pm)

  • Dave Quinn , Crew Chief
  • Neal Adams
  • Sean Burns
  • Bill Elliott
  • Linda Brodsky
  • Hal Brodsky

Hague (DeSoto Park) (set up 9:30 am, open 10 am - 5 pm)

  • Nemo Omen , Crew Chief
  • John Haire
  • Travis Hasson
  • Jermaine Armstrong

Horse Farm Hundred

First Magnitude Brewery (set up 6:30 am, opens 7 am)

  • Alan Parker , Crew Chief
  • vacant AM
  • Karen Scott AM
  • Maria Fiedler 12 - 6 pm
  • Kevin Keating 12 - 6 pm

Flemington (set up 6:30 am, opens 7 am - 3 pm)

  • Stephen Perz , Crew Chief
  • vacant , Deputy Crew Chief
  • Lisa Hawkins , AM Crew
  • Velvet Yates , AM Crew
  • Renee Langford , AM Crew
  • Max Lin , AM Crew
  • Debby Courtney , AM Crew
  • Lew Ladd , AM Crew
  • Jo Hartman , AM Crew
  • Renee Langford , coffee delivery, AM Crew
  • Sharon Milton-Simmons , PM Crew
  • Kimberley Mullins , PM Crew
  • vacant , PM Crew
  • vacant , PM Crew

Boulware Springs (set up 8 am, opens 8:30 am till event end)

  • Colin Hines Grill
  • Killian Ellsworth Help
  • Colin Hines Cleanup
  • Drew Robertson Cleanup

Evinston (set up 9:15 am, opens 9:30 am - 10:30 am)

  • Jamie Golden , Crew Chief
  • Nicole Pont

Trail (set up 9:15 am, opens 9:30 am - noon)

  • Jesse Smith , Crew Chief
  • vacant
  • Henry Pope
  • vacant

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Registrar: Roger Pierce

Most of the registrar work is done in the hour or two before the ride starts. It can be intense, but you should be able to go on the ride after completing your job. Because you need to know what you are doing before the hordes arrive, all new registrars must come to Friday night registration to learn the ropes. Registrars normally work both Saturday and Sunday.

Friday afternoon Moving/Setup Crew

  • Mike Myers
  • Mike Beckham

Friday 5 - 8 pm at North West Boys Club

  • Registrar: Susan Cone
  • Registrar: Glen Morey
  • T-Shirts: Maria Fiedler
  • Pre-picker: Janet Gellert
  • Pre-picker: Bruce Higgins

Saturday 6:30 - 8:30 am at North West Boys Club

  • Registrar: Gwen Creel
  • Registrar: Ana Logan
  • T-Shirts: Jamie Burns
  • Pre-picker: David Richardson
  • Pre-picker: Nicole Pont
  • Pre-picker: Robert Ries
  • Pre-picker: George Bowen
  • Snipper/Aid: Judy Gardner
  • Snipper/Aid: Caryl McKellar

Saturday 8:30 am - 5 pm at North West Boys Club

  • Staff 8:00 am - 1 pm: Jamie Golden
  • Staff 12:30 pm - 5 pm: vacant

Sunday 7 - 8:30 am at First Magnitude Brewery

  • Registrar: Lynn Weir
  • Registrar: vacant
  • T-Shirts: Jamie Burns
  • Pre-picker: David Richardson
  • Pre-picker: George Bowen
  • Pre-picker: Robert Ries
  • Pre-picker: Bruce Higgins
  • Snipper/Aid: Judy Gardner
  • Snipper/Aid: Caryl McKellar

Sunday 7 - 9 am at Flemington

  • Registrar: Gwen Creel
  • Registrar: Susan Cone
  • Pre-picker: Krin Cosner
  • Pre-picker: Richard Pushaw

Sunday 8 - 9:30 am at Boulware Springs

  • Registrar: Devine Johnson
  • Registrar: Killian Ellsworth
  • Pre-picker: John Haire
  • Box Manager: vacant
  • Snipper/Aid: Travis Hasson

T-shirt Manager: Roger Pierce
T-shirt Graphics Design: Roger Pierce
Santa Fe T-shirt Design: Roger Pierce
Horse Farm T-shirt Design: Roger Pierce
T-shirt Transportation Thursday morning October 20
Sue Bowers

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Packet Stuffing Party, Thursday, October 20, 2:30 - 7 pm or 6 - 10 pm at the Pierce/Dimitri residence, 5015 NW 19th Place. From NW 43rd St turn west onto 19th Avenue. At 46th St jog right and then left onto NW 19th Place. 5015 is at the end on the left. Park head on into the curb so we can fit more cars in the cul de sac. We have a barefoot house (if you don't do barefoot, socks are OK).

During the first phase (2:30 - 6 pm), we sort, count, label, and fold t-shirts.

Eating is scheduled from 6 to 7 pm (PARTY!)

Packet production gets underway by 7 pm (earlier if we can get finished eating earlier). Each person is important during this phase -- if you will have a problem attending, let the coordinator know ASAP!

Coordinator: Roger Pierce 378-7063


  • Judy Gardner
  • Ana Logan
  • Maria Fiedler
  • Jill Cunningham
  • Karen Lee Labarge
  • Chris Ann MacGregor


  • Packet Labeler: Judy Gardner
  • Map Manager Nicole Pont
  • Picker: Caryl McKellar
  • Picker: Sue Bowers
  • Picker: Bob Newman
  • Picker: Lynn Weir
  • Audit Secretary: Suzanne Newman
  • Auditor: Jamie Golden
  • Auditor: Lisa Hawkins
  • Stuffer: Michael E. Grussemeyer
  • Stuffer: Ana Logan
  • Stuffer: Jack Kohn
  • Packet Box Manager: Mike Beckham
  • Boxer: Carol Glavin
  • Boxer: Steve Howell
  • Boxer: Karen Lee Labarge

Kitchen Staff / Backups

Last year's volunteers.