Gainesville Cycling Festival


Designs for the t-shirts for the Santa Fe Century and Horse Farm Hundred should incoporate original art that is not encumbered by copyrights or other usage restrictions. Designs are for the front of the shirts; we have standard designs for the backs. The designs should fit in an 11 inch square box.

The designs should be produced in a vector format (we must submit them to the printer in AI format). The club uses Corel Draw for designing and tweaking designs so CDR format is also acceptable.

In designing a Santa Fe t-shirt, consider that the signature color of the event is blue and that the signature font for "Santa Fe Century" is Times New Roman. Neither of these is a particularly strong trademark, so deviations are OK for artistic license.

In designing a Horse Farm Hundred t-shirt, the signature font for Horse Farm Hundred is Hancock (files available from the club); this is a strong trademark of the event.

The signature font for "Gainesville Cycling Club" is Homeward Bound (aka Hobo). The signature font for "Gainesville Cycling Festival" is Jokerman; this term is not normally placed on the front of the shirt (it is on the back of both shirts).

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