The "A" rides on December 12 and 13 ('92) both drew 20 riders, which was remarkable given starting temperatures both days of 39 degrees. The average speeds were a steady 19 mph.

Little remarkable occurred until the end of the ride on Sunday, when Bobby Kelly, Huan Dinh, Bill Nettleton, and Kerry Duggan joined to attack as we were coming inbound on Millhopper Road. A little belatedly, Thomas Wegmuller powered to the break. As the rest of us rounded the corner to climb over I-75, Bobby and Huan were waiting to be reabsorbed by the pack. As the peleton rolled along at 27 mph, Big Bill was overtaken just after the "S" turn. This left The Masters Champion of the State of Florida and The National Champion of Switzerland up ahead to duke it out one-on-one. Ho-hum, just another "A" ride.

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