Gainesville Cycling Club Privacy Policy

The GCC collects and stores the name, address, phone number, email address, and birthdate of persons who join the Club or enter an event. This information is not made available on our general web site, and is not shared with other organizations.

Unless explicity withheld, Club members can access this information of Club members in the Members Area, which is only accessible to Club members with a password. This access is provided to encourage interaction among Club members. Use of the information is limited to personal, noncommercial use only. The information of non-members is not available other than to administrators.

This information is used to send emails and mailings to bicyclists informing them of upcoming Gainesville area invitational bicycling events. Emails to non-members contain an opt-out link that will allow them to permanently remove their email address from our records. (If the email address was used for mulitiple person's records, it will need to be removed individually from each one.)

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