Gainesville Cycling Club Policy on Official Club Rides

1. Rides posted on the Club's Ride Schedule are official club hosted rides (the criteria for being covered by our insurance).

2. Rides posted to the Club's Ride Schedule must be planned and hosted by the posted Ride Leader. Group Captains may also post Show and Go rides using start locations listed on the GCC web site.

3. Ride Leaders may coordinate their rides with rides of other Clubs. These rides must be club rides (not general invitational rides). The riders who are members of the other club will be covered by any insurance that their club may have.

4. Ride Leaders may post rides where their group participates in a GCC produced or supported invitational event.

5. Participation in non-GCC general invitational events can not be posted as a GCC ride. Those wishing to encourage participation in such events can use articles on the GCC web site, Facebook postings, and group member mail to get the word out (providing the events are insured).

This is an official document adopted by the Board of Directors on November 14, 2016.

For questions about this policy, contact the Ride Captain.

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