All About RSVPs

When you are a member of a riding group, you can RSVP for posted rides. Make sure you join any group that you may want to ride with. (You do not need to be a group member to ride with the group, but you will not be able to RSVP.)

Doing an RSVP is a common courtesy to other members of your group who would like to know who to expect on the ride. The RSVP list is also helpful as it provides links to call or text riders in the event the group gets split up or has some other emergency.

Doing an RSVP cannot be easier; simply touch or click the RSVP link in the ride announcement email or on the Ride Schedule. You will be instantly RSVPed. (If you do this by mistake, click the Oops button to undo the RSVP.) If life happens and you are unable to make the ride, please cancel your RSVP by touching or clicking the RSVP link and making the change.

Thanks From Bikes 4 Vets

A belated shout-out to all the generous folks who contributed to the Bikes 4 Vets project this year.

Many of you donated during the Horse Farm Hundred and the Santa Fe Century, in addition to the Verterans Day Poker Run.

Trek, Super Cool, Bikes & More, GoodBike, Pedego, and REI have donated used bikes, used tires and other bike parts, most of which we reuse or rehab.

Any Bikes and stuff we don't use, we donate to the Repurpose Project.

We have two dedicated vets who run a bike clinic every Sunday from 10-2 pm to rehab bikes for those vets who're on the list to get a bike. They are Pete Klavuhn and Gerry Kincheloe. Another vet, Daniel Morris, shows up to help when his health allows. If you are a good mechanic and would like to help, come on out any Sunday.

Your financial donations help pay for new parts such as tires, tubes, chains, grips, cables, etc.

Each vet who gets a bike also gets a lock, lights, and a safety vest. While we ask for the vet to make a contribution toward these items, if they are unable they still get them. They also get a bike helmet furnished by the PedBike Resource Center. 

We've been running this project for close to 10 years now and with your support we'll keep going.

If you have any questions about our work, don't hesitate to email me.