(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I sign in to the Members Area?

Click on the Members Area menu item on the top of the GCC home page (gccfla.org).

If you have set up single click sign in, you will go directly to the News page.

Otherwise, you'll go to the Sign In page to enter your Member Number (found on your Membership Card, in your welcome email) and your password. Then click the SIGN IN button.

If two family members have single click sign in set up on the same computer, you'll go to the Sign In page to select which one will be signed on.

To sign in another family member who does not have single click sign on, Sign Out to get to the Sign In page.

I don't know my password.

Click the enormous, blue "SET A NEW PASSWORD" phrase on the Sign In page, second column. You'll need your membership number, last name, and birthdate to reset your password.

If you did not enter your actual birthdate in the club record (and don't remember what you entered), you'll need to contact the Membership Secretary to correct your birthdate.

How do I set up single click sign in?

Enter your Member Number and Password, check the box next to "Enable single click sign in for me on this computer", and select the Home Computer Security option in the SECURITY box.

You should only set up single click sign in on your own computer.

I have a Family membership. How does my spouse sign in?

You can set up two different single click sign ins on one computer. To set up the second person, click the "Sign In Member entered below" button, and follow the above directions.

If more than two family members need to sign in using the same computer, only set up single click sign in for one person; the others will need to use their Member Number and password to sign in.

What is in the Header in the Members Area?

There are buttons to take you to each of the main pages, News, Ride, Me, and FAQ. There is also a button to access the Club's Facebook page, and to Sign Out.

Once displayed, the pages do not automatically refresh. Click the page button again to display more current information if the page has been up for a long time.

On the right side of the Header is your current membership information. When your membership is about to expire, there will be a "Renew Now" button. Before that, there will be a "Bonus" button.

What is on the News Page?

First Column

This is the club's "Newsletter." There are sections for News items, Feature articles, and Events (non-club happenings of interest to our members).

Click the VIEW button to read the article. Once you've been to an article, the button will change to AGAIN.

Second Column

You'll find any upcoming Club Events at the top of this column. Click the RSVP button for full information about the event, and to set your RSVP status.

Also in this column you'll see the newest members of the Club.

Third Column

If there are any volunteer opportunities, they will be displayed at the top of this column.

Our Business Sponsors (who provide discounts to Club Members) are listed. Mouse over the links to see full information about the sponsor, and click to go to their web site.

Our Advertisers and Jersey Sponsors are listed. Mouse over the links to see their ads, and click to go to their web site.

What is on the Ride Page?

The top of this page displays the Club Ride Schedule. There is one line for each Ride Group that has scheduled a ride during the next week. Groups are ordered with the faster ones on top.

Mouse over a listing to see full information about a particular ride (or click to bring up the same information on a new page).

Below the Schedule are the Group Membership boxes. Click the Join A Group button to select your riding group.

You'll have buttons to manage your membership status in each group, to send email to group members (if that is a group option), and to view the list of group members.

Group Captains and Ride Leaders will have buttons to Post and Edit Rides.

What is on the Me Page?

There are six boxes on the Me page, allowing you to do a lot of stuff.

The Member Only box contains the Member Directory which allows you to lookup your friends in the Club. There is also information about the Club bike cases.

The next box has everything you need to know about GCCMail and Interest Groups.

The About Me box allows you to update most of your basic information in the Club files.

The My Preferences box allows you to change your password, and explains the Options that you can select relating to your Club membership.

The Volunteer block shows the Volunteer Preferences that you have set.

The My Affiliations block shows which bicycling organizations you belong to.