GCC 101:

Membership Renewal

You can renew at any time by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the Members Area. You can pay using PayPal (no account required, you can pay as a "guest") or by mailing in a check.

All memberships expire on the 23rd day of an odd numbered month.

You can save three dollars by renewing while in the bonus, which is before we mail out your membership renewal reminder in the mail, which are sent out around the first of odd numbered months. For example, if you expire on July 23, we need your renewal before July 1 for you to claim the bonus.

We will send email warnings when you get down to three and one weeks to go, and when you expire.

Please consider renewing for more than one year. This saves us the time and money needed to process a membership, and saves you money since you avoid paying a processing fee every year.

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