GCC 101:

Family Memberships

Families can pay for their memberships in the Gainesville Cycling Club at a package rate (currently $30 <$29 or $32 for renewals> for the first year, $27 for each additional year purchased at the same time).

The key word is membershipS.  Each person is an individual member of the Club, and must do an application to become a member.  There is a button to click to indicate that someone else has paid for your family when you sign up.

What is a Family?

We consider everyone living at the same address, plus children away at school, to be members of a family.  You can sign up with your roommate, but not with your brother who lives in Orlando.

When a family member moves out, it is important to remove them from your membership (we buy insurance for each member $$$). To do so,

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