1999 Horse Farm Hundred Photos Page 1

Horse Farm Hundred
All images 1999 Steven King.

Registration Cyclists gathering at the registration desk at Morningside Nature Center.
The lead pack awaits. Cyclists lining up to begin the event.
Further back in the pack. Cyclists continue to line up along the road out of the parking area.
Way back in the pack. The end of the queue of cyclists. The front of the line is off in the distance to the left of center.
And they're off! The cyclists are on their way, complete with police escort and Chandler Otis showing the cyclists which way to go.
And they're still going off! Cyclists continuing to pour out of the Starting line with Chandler showing them the way.
Relief at Irvine The first rest stop in a field in Irvine. It is also the starting point of the 25 and 50 mile routes.
Spectator I found this feller standing by the fence watching the cyclists ride by, just past the lunch stop.
These guys are more interested in their lunch. Horses, out standing in their field.
A barn.
A field.
A lovely day for a bike ride!

Larger versions of these photos can be found here.