GCC 101:

Gainesville Brevet Series

The Gainesville Brevet Series consists of 200 kilometer (km), 300km, and in some years, 400km and 600km events.

Brevets are longer, self-paced rides ridden by randonneurs (tr: ultratourists). A sequence of four brevets of increasing distance qualifies the rider to enter Paris-Brest-Paris, the oldest bicycling event on earth, which is held once every four years. In the off years other surrogate 1200K rides stand in its stead.

Brevets are not races; published results traditionally list the finishers alphabetically and may not even include their times. However, there is a time limit. This limit includes the minutes spent eating, fixing flats, and on the longer rides, sleeping. Along the route, riders are required to stop at controls to get an authenticating stamp on their brevet cards.

All but the shortest brevet (200 km/125 miles) require some night riding, and good lighting is essential.

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